faqsFrequently Asked Questions:

  1. When and where is the Kite Festival taking place? The LBI FLY Kite Festival opens Saturday, October 10th, 2020 and runs until 4pm on Sunday, October 11th. The Main Kite Field will be located in Ship Bottom.
  2. What will happen if it rains? Barring steady downpours – we will be able to fly in some capacity. Perhaps some of the larger kites will be grounded if it rains, but there will be kites flying if there is mist and/or light rain. We will be putting out updated communications on our website, as well as our Facebook page, announcing any changes due to the weather.
  3. Where can we park? Parking is available on Ship Bottom streets. Please make sure you are not blocking anyone’s private driveway.
  4. Does it cost anything to attend the Kite Festival? Nope, this is a free event!
  5. Will there be any way I can get on-site information during the actual Kite Festival? Absolutely! We will have a Public Information Tent staffed with knowledgeable volunteers throughout the course of the entire weekend. A map and schedule of events will also be available at the tent.
  6. Will there be event merchandise for sale? Yes! Chick’s LBI Shop, our official Festival Merchandiser, will be on hand during the Kite Festival with short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies commemorating our LBI FLY event. There will also be kites available for sale.
  7. What about public bathroom facilities? We will have portable restrooms at the top of a few beach entrances, on the street (TBA). There are also public restroom facilities at the Ship Bottom Borough Hall on 17th Street.
  8. What Additional Precautions will you be taking for 2020, in terms of COVID-19? There will be large inflatable kite displays and sport kite demonstrations spread out across seven streets in Ship Bottom. The areas in which the kite professionals will be performing will be roped off, separating kite team performance space from public areas. Beachgoers can then walk around the display areas and view the different kites and demonstrations from safe distances. 
    All festival-affiliated visiting kiters are from states that are currently not on NJ’s Travel Advisory List. Volunteers and kiters will abide by all NJ social distancing and face covering protocol that remain in effect at the time of the festival. For the safety of the public and our event staff, there will not be any activities that require gathering or the shared usage of materials. 
    Courteous social distancing is expected of all beach visitors looking to view the kite displays and demonstrations. We recommend that people planning to visit keep a mask on hand, in the event that they cannot properly social distance. We request that all potential out-of state visitors check their state’s NJ travel advisory status, before traveling to the festival. 

For any additional questions you may have that weren’t listed here, please e-mail info@welcometolbi.com 

The LBI Chamber of Commerce and event organizers are very excited that the Borough of Ship Bottom has once again allowed this free, family-friendly event on Ship Bottom’s beautiful beaches. Thank you!