The LBI FLY International Kite Festival is scheduled to take place on Columbus Day weekend, starting Friday October 9th, 2020. LBI Fly was organized to bring brilliant colorful artist design kites, fun flying giant inflatable kites and the amazing show of sport kiting to our beautiful island. The first LBY FLY International Kite Festival was held in October 2015 had 32 invited kite fliers, however, many more kite fliers (about 100!) from across the United States, France, Germany, Colombia, and Canada now attend to celebrate the joy of kite flying. Many of these fliers are invited guests in international and highly ranked festivals all around the world.

The 2020 edition of LBI FLY – the 6th year of the festival – will feature even more giant inflatable kites as large as a full-size whale, fairytale horses, giant octopuses, flying scuba divers, crabs, pigs, sea urchins, trilobites, flying witches, and a giant yellow duck. This year there will be more unusual shapes and designs that will amaze our island spectators. Beautifully designed and carefully built artist kites will also be flown during the festival as well as displayed at local galleries prior to the festival. Many of these artists have won prestigious awards for art design quality, craftsmanship and flying ability in competitions throughout the US and Europe.

A large part of any kite festival is the sport kite displays – teams and individual sport kite fliers will fly choreographed musical routines throughout the weekend. The routines involve intricate movements that display amazing control of both four-line and dual-line sport kites that represent the music much like an ice skater. There will also be a sport kite competition during the weekend. Fliers will compete for points toward a national competition in various disciplines of sport kiting including precision routines, and musical routines for individuals, pairs, and team flying. This competition puts the International LBI Fly festival on the east coast circuit for sports kiting in the United States.

The 2020 Festival will again include an Indoor Kite Show & Competition at our local grade school. This event will feature celebrity kite fliers who are highly skilled at flying kites in zero wind. The fliers will fly choreographed musical routines with special light wind or no wind kites. These fliers have developed the skill of manipulating the kite by continuously moving to create lift. Many of the fliers invited to the indoor festival fly at indoor shows across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

LBI FLY will again feature a night fly which is as much fun for the fliers as it is for the spectators. Sport kite teams will fly in lighted formations as the single line kites shine and blink like brilliant stars in the sky. This year the night fly will be choreographed to music. Kite fliers love to entertain and share their joy and passion for kiting. The fliers will be including the spectators in racing with kites, dropping candy for kids with kites, a friendly battle of kites, bubbles with kites and teaching our visitors how kites make everyone smile and experience the world from another angle. See you in October!