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2020 EVENT UPDATE: The LBI Chamber of Commerce, along with our local organizing and kite professionals, have decided to continue planning for a “scaled down” version of the 6th Annual LBI Fly Kite Festival to be held October 10 and 11, 2020. We will make a “final call” on if this version of our event is still feasible, during the first week of September. So yes, it’s still “up in the air!”

Details of this year’s tentative event are as follows:

  • The event will only run on Saturday (10/10) and Sunday (10/11), between the hours of 10a-4p.
  • There will be inflatable kite displays and sport kite demonstrations on the beach.
  • There will be no Friday Indoor Fly and no Sunday Night Fly.
  • There will be no events that require gathering or shared usage of materials (kids’ kite-making, candy drop, bol kite racing, buggy kites, Mayor’s kite battle, etc.)

We will start posting our yearly Sponsor Thank You Posts starting on Monday 8/10 (there is still a need for sponsors, if you are interested, please email

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    Thanks for making this happen!

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